Here is the list of the "official translators" of phpMyAdmin.

If you want to suggest some improvements on a translation please ask them: we (the phpMyAdmin developement team) don't know anything about most of these languages and then we can't have any opinion on grammar issues or bad translations!

All translations listed here are included in this distribution. Please do not ask the translators to send you a localized phpMyAdmin version!

Please do not expect the translators to provide e-mail support.

Language Official translator(s)
Afrikaans volunteer needed
Albanian volunteer needed
Arabic Mohammed Farag ([email protected])
Azerbaijani volunteer needed
Bangla Raquibul Islam ([email protected])
Basque volunteer needed
Belarusian Jaska Zedlik ([email protected])
Bosnian volunteer needed
Brazilian Portuguese Airon Luis Pereira ([email protected])
Bulgarian Stanislav Yordanov ([email protected])
Catalan Xavier Navarro ([email protected])
Chinese Traditional (BIG5) Siu Sun ([email protected])
Chinese Simplified (GB) Wang ([email protected])
Croatian Renato Pavicic ([email protected])
Czech Michal Čihař ([email protected])
Ondřej Vadinský ([email protected])
Danish Finn Sorensen ([email protected])
Dutch Herman van Rink ([email protected])
English the phpMyAdmin development team ([email protected])
Estonian Marko Ellermaa ([email protected])
Finnish Jouni Kahkonen (address withdrawn)
French Marc Delisle ([email protected])
Galician Xosé Calvo ([email protected])
Georgian George Machitidze ([email protected])
German volunteer needed
Greek Panagiotis Papazoglou ([email protected])
Hebrew volunteer needed
Hindi volunteer needed
Hungarian Jozsef Tamas Herczeg ([email protected])
Indonesian volunteer needed
Italian Luca Rebellato ([email protected])
Japanese Tadashi Jokagi ([email protected])
Korean volunteer needed
Latvian volunteer needed
Lithuanian Rytis Slatkevicius ([email protected])
Malay volunteer needed
Macedonian volunteer needed
Mongolian Bayarsaikhan Enkhtaivan ([email protected])
Norwegian (bokmål) Sven-Erik Andersen ([email protected])
Persian volunteer needed
Polish volunteer needed
Portuguese volunteer needed
Romanian Sergiu Bivol ([email protected])
Russian Victor Volkov and project
Serbian Mihailo Stefanovic ([email protected])
Sinhala H.Malinda Siriwardana ([email protected])
Slovak Ivan Kuriscak ([email protected])
Slovenian volunteer needed
Spanish Dr. med. Daniel Hinostroza C. ([email protected])
Swedish Björn T. Hallberg ([email protected])
Tatarish Albert Fazlí ([email protected])
Thai volunteer needed
Turkish Burak Yavuz ([email protected])
Ukrainian volunteer needed
Uzbek Orzu Samarqandiy ([email protected])
Abdurashid Muhitdinov ([email protected]